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Photo Crazy A
Yuen no Onna (Female Entertainer), 2017 © ARAKI Nobuyoshi

Nobuyoshi Araki »

Photo Crazy A

Exhibition: 8 Jul – 3 Sep 2017

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

163-1403 Tokyo



Tue-Fri 11-19, Sat, Sun 11-20

ARAKI Nobuyoshi has remained at the forefront of photography since the 1960s, and his worldwide reputation as one of Japan’s top photographers is still strong today. Now in his seventies, Araki seems to be even more active than before, and this exhibition presents some of his recent work, including new works, at gigantic scale. The artist is well known for the variety of his subjects and techniques, and his ceaseless exploration of the potential of photography still shows no sign of abating, despite having continued for over fifty years. For Araki, photography represents a record of his life, and a close personal encounter with death has recently brought further clarity to the portrayal of life and death that has long been a significant theme in his work. Consequently, while vividly communicating the ARAKI Nobuyoshi of today, the exhibition can also be seen as approaching the core of his massive and varied body of work.