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De tous les noirs et blancs
Blickwechsel © Ina Schoenenburg / Ostkreuz

Ina Schoenenburg »

De tous les noirs et blancs

Exhibition: 19 Sep 2017 – 18 Sep 2018


11, Grand-Rue
9710 Clervaux

+352-26 90 34 96


De tous les noirs et blancs
Flashback © Ina Schoenenburg / Ostkreuz

Ina Schoenenburg
De tous les noirs et blancs

19 September 2017 – 18 September 2018
Arcades II, Montée de l’Eglise, Clervaux

The German photographer Ina Schoenenburg is concerned with the psychology of human interpersonal relationships. Her pictures seem familiar and outlandish at once. With her camera in her hand, she studies existential and social settings that affect our lives.

The photographic installation by Ina Schoenenburg features excerpts from four different image series: > Flashback > Blickwechsel > Portraits > Schmale Pfade

Despite this, the photographs on display all appear "related" to one another. The images question humans' perception of reality, as well as the external and social impacts affecting this relationship or casting new doubt on it.

The photographer depicts a free and easy life, as well as journeys that stray from the familiar path. She documents the dark side of human expectations and the limits of a reality that is both objectively defined and subjectively perceived. Finally, she unmasks the errors of judgment and ignorance of today's society with regard to inconvenient and uncomfortable truths that call into question the system and its functioning. Ina Schoenenburg's images feature strong individual stories, alongside weakened destinies in danger of succumbing to reality.

Born in 1979 in Berlin, Ina Schoenenburg lives and works in Berlin. From 2008-2005 she studies architecture at TFH Berlin. Then from 2012-2009 she studies photography at Ostkreuzschule in Weißensee, Berlin, and supports her final thesis "Blickwechsel" with Sibylle Fendt. Since autumn 2016 she is member of the Ostkreuz agency.

De tous les noirs et blancs
Installation: De tous les noirs et blancs by Ina Schoenenburg
© Clervaux – cité de l’image / Christof Weber, 2017