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NOOR. Come and see
Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR, Libya, Ras Lanuf, 11 March 2011
Rebels flee under fire from the Libyan army.

NOOR. Come and see

Nina Berman » Pep Bonet » Andrea Bruce » Arko Datto » Sanne De Wilde » Alixandra Fazzina » Stanley Greene » Tanya Habjouqa » Robin Hammond » Yuri Kozyrev » Bénédicte Kurzen » Sebastian Liste » Jon Lowenstein » Leonard Pongo » Kadir van Lohuizen » Francesco Zizola »

Exhibition: 17 May – 16 Sep 2018

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Bolotnaya embankment 3, bld. 1
119072 Moscow

+7 495-228 98 78


Tue-Fri 12-21, Sat-Sun 12-22

NOOR. Come and see
Nina Berman / NOOR USA, New Jersey, 4 July 2013
July 4 in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

NOOR. Come and see
May 17 — September 2
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Moscow international contemporary photography and photobook festival PHOTOBOOKFEST 2018 presents a new project «NOOR. Come and see», the first exhibition in Russia by NOOR photo agency, which has been sending the shockwaves across the photo journalism community for the last 10 years. The unique cooperative NOOR provides honest and unbiased comments on the modern world, shows the hottest problems of the last decade in photography, multimedia projects and journalist materials.

When, in 2007, at the international festival «Visa pour L’Image» in Perpignan the photo community first raised the problem of the crisis in journalism, a conceptually new agency NOOR based in Amsterdam was announced to have been set up. 9 renowned photographs including Pep Bonet, Stanley Greene, Francesco Zizola, Yuri Kozyrev, Kadir van Lohuizen and the first managing director Claudia Hinterseer joined forces to and pulled all the strings to throw the light on facts which the world just «had to see». And so, from the moment it started, NOOR, which incidentally means «light» in Arabic, has always strived to tell the world unbiasedly and comprehensively about what is happening, and thus contribute to change in the society and people’s minds. Being fully aware of the fundamental force of photographic image as an evidence of goings on in the world, Eugene Smith said: “Photography could be that little light that could modestly help us change things”.

NOOR. Come and see
Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR, Nigeria, Lagos, 27 January 2017
A man carries a huge back of pet bottles collected for recycling at the Olusosun landfill. The Olusosun landfill in Lagos receives between 3-5000 tons per day and is about 45 ha in size. About 5000 scavengers work here and often also live. They collect anything that is recyable like plastics, textiles, electronics, paper etc. The problem is that the landfill is full and the city wants to close it down. The question is where it will go, there are no incinerators and the infrastructure to formally recycle is lacking. There is one other landfill, but it needs to close as well. Remarkable is that the landfills in Lagos smell less compared to other landfills in the world: Nigerians throw away less food, because they either finish their plate or feed it to the animals.

NOOR focuses on profound photographic research and long-term documentary projects on civil and political uprisings, social upheavals, wars, natural disasters and private stories of people which present an example of social injustice and human rights violations. «Our images have been our form of resistance. We create them with a shared respect for the courage and humanity of those fighting to live free and fair lives everywhere” (Clément Saccomani, managing director NOOR). Alongside with award-winning particular projects (awards such as World Press Photo, Visa d’or Awards, W. Eugene Smith Awards, Bayeux-Calvados Awards, POYi Awads, Prix Pictet) the exhibition will display large-scale group projects by NOOR photographers.

NOOR lets its journalists remain independent and choose topics they want to speak about, work on long-term projects, which many printed press do not dare embark upon, they also tell stories underreported by other photographers. “I am interested only in those, who the purpose of life lies in photography. And such are the people I am currently working with for the agency” (Yuri Kozyrev) For now, the agency's staff comprise 16 photographers from 13 countries in the world: Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Stanley Greene and Jon Lowenstein (USA), Pep Bonet and Sebastián Liste (Spain), Benedicte Kurzen (France), Yuri Kozyrev (Russia), Francesco Zizola (italy), Alixandra Fazzina (UK), Kadir van Lohuizen (Holland), Tanya Habjouqa (Jordan), Robin Hammond (New Zealand, Arko Datto (India), Sanne De Wilde and Leonard Pongo (Belgium). The exhibition will also include an educational programme featuring NOOR’s members and photography experts from the Netherlands.

Read more information on the web-site photobookfest.com

NOOR. Come and see
Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR, Iraq, Baghdad, 10 April 2003
A boy looks in amazement at a Barbi-doll picture on a wardrobe door looted by his father from the villa of Saddam Hussein's step-brother Watban Al-Hassan.