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Francesco Bosso: FLOATING ISLAND, 2018 Indonesia, edition of 9

Francesco Bosso »


Exhibition: 18 Apr – 26 May 2019

Wed 17 Apr 18:00

CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

Via delle Rosine 18
10123 Torino

+39 011-0881150


Mon, Wed-Sun 11-19; Thu 11-21

Francesco Bosso: SIX SISTERS, 2018 Portugal, edition of 9

Francesco Bosso

Exhibition: 18 April – 26 May, 2019
Opening: Wednesday, 17 April, 6pm

Water, with its constant flow and its strength, models, transforms and creates, in this continual and eternal act of becoming, where everything stems from water and everything returns to it.

"WATERHEAVEN" is a journey across the captivating creative power of Water, between vision and reality, a sequence of evocations and fragments of memories.

Bosso with his photographs creates particular suggestions and atmospheres, with a vision of places that represent not only a praise of Nature, but an invitation to reflect on the theme of conservation with a particular attention to the liquid element, "Water as primordial liquid it is a source of life".

Francesco Bosso: FLOWER POT, 2018 Indonesia, edition of 9

Through the photographic medium - comments Walter Guadagnini - Bosso communicates an ethic of protection and preservation of the natural landscape: with a clever use of black and white tones it celebrates its subjects and at the same time warns the viewer about fragility and uniqueness of this heritage.

Francesco Bosso was born in 1959. His works are part of important private and public collections, while the exhibition projects were hosted in national and international institutions such as the Pino Pascali Museum (Polignano), the Candiani Cultural Center (Venice), the National Museum of Photography (Brescia), Museum of Visual Arts (Spoleto) and the Museum of Cultural Center (Hong Kong).

Francesco Bosso: SHORE tryptic, 2013 Iceland, edition of 9