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Lima, Peru, 2016 © Bohnchang KOO

Bohnchang Koo »


Exhibition: 12 Oct 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

MOPS - The Museum of Photography Seoul

14, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu
138-724 Seoul



Mon-Fri 10-19, Thu, 10-21, Sat 11-18:30, Sun closed

Seongnam, Korea, 2019 © Bohnchang KOO

Since 1980s, KOO Bohnchang photographed cityscape through his personal experiences such as the alienation of newly recognized city, concerns about his identity and signs of the rapidly disappearing past. His latest work Incognito, captured the everyday landscape and experiences of the city where ordinary events occur based on his mature sight is presented for the first time through this exhibition. He captures anonymously the shabby spaces, the dreary and ambiguous landscapes, and the chaos of the city which still presses breathlessly. And now he traces the city's symbols that have been disappeared. The artist observes quietly from afar and represents a fragmentary image of time and traces that might disappear or already had. Photography works of KOO Bohnchang is the photographer's hidden self. Whether it is true or not, no matter it exists or not, that is the world he sees and that is himself he finds out as he faces the object. Whether it is inside or outside or even by the works itself, the desire to show himself through photographs is a monologue and diary that can unravel his story.

Tokyo, Japan, 2019 © Bohnchang KOO
Ulanbator, Mongolia, 2012 © Bohnchang KOO