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Helmut Newton »

Exhibition: 7 Mar – 27 Apr 2007

Cook Fine Art

1063 Madison Avenue
NY 10028 New York



Cook Fine Art announces its upcoming exhibition of photographs by Helmut Newton to include "Big Nudes," portraits, and fashion shots. After fleeing the Nazi occupation of Berlin, Newton subsequently worked in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. But it was not until he reached Paris during the 1960s that the artist became entrenched in fashion photography while working for French Vogue. Newton, a self-described "hired gun" who would never turn down a job, established himself by shooting for the world's most high profile international magazines. Newton reached his pinnacle of success in the 1980s with his "Big Nudes" series. His photographs are overtly sexual and highly stylized. Those individuals he depicts, whether models or celebrities, behave comfortably with their bodies in a way that reads as both subtly perverse and defiantly confident. Cook Fine Art will present a selection of some of Newton's most recognizable images including "Big Nude, Racquel" the 54 x 135 in. triptych, "Walking Woman of 1981.