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Meng Jin "Every Room Is Illuminated" (2006-07), Pigment print on rice paper.
© Meng Jin . Courtesy of m97 Gallery


FANG Er » MENG Jin »

Exhibition: 3 Nov – 21 Dec 2007

M97 Gallery

363 Changping Road, Building 4
200041 Shanghai



Tue-Fri 11-18; Sat, Sun 12-18

Meng Jin "A Room With A View" (2000-02), C-Print (Lambda) and transparency lightbox
© Meng Jin  . Courtesy of m97 Gallery

m97 Gallery is pleased to present "Lost & Found", an exhibition with works by Meng Jin and Fang Er, a powerful young artistic couple whose works are at once strikingly different in style and approach, but equal in their embrace of the mystery that enshrouds both personal emotions and larger social issues. "Lost & Found" will open on November 3, 2007, and there will be an opening reception for the artists on Saturday November 3rd from 5pm - 7pm.   "Lost & Found" presents photographic works from five different series: Meng Jin's "Every Room is Illuminated" (2006-07), "A Room With a View" (2000-02), "Will You Come? Or Shall I Go?" (2003), and Fang Er's "The Zoo" (2006-07) and "The Sweetest Thing" (2004). Fang Er's "The Hidden Depth" and Meng Jin's "14 Rooms" video works also illustrate both artists' unique approach to addressing ideas of confusion, chaos, memory and consequence.   Fang Er's work engages the viewer with a playful yet conscientious dialogue often blending chaotic elements of human constructs with elements in the natural world. Meng Jin's exploration of the confines of interior space and objects act as a historical reflection of the passage of time and a reminder of consequence in relation to human industry and habitation with allusions to a collective psyche often resonating with political undertones. Belonging to an emerging generation of younger artists, Meng Jin and Fang Er's works embody the freedom of their generation having grown up without the confines of direct political repression or hardship. "In China during this era of enormous change, from the clear, worldly dividing lines of East and West, to the extensive globalization of free trade today, all these changes bring about in us a deeper interest and a new understanding for topics such as growth, life, responsibility, identity, city, history, country and so on. Our works are a record of these times of various change that we witness ... To lose, to find, to gain ... just like an endless journey, bringing a sense of mystery to all that we know and feel in the world, filling us with a deep respect for all these things." - Meng Jin + Fang Er Fang Er was born in Taipei and Meng Jin in Chongqing; they are currently based in Beijing and this is their first joint solo exhibition in Shanghai.

Fang Er "The Sweetest Thing" (2004), Pigment print on fine art paper.
© Fang Er  . Courtesy of m97 Gallery
Fang Er "The Zoo" (2006-07), C-Print.
© Fang Er  . Courtesy of m97 Gallery