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Defining Darkness
Study / Vertical
from series Defining Darkness, 2007
digital c-print (lambda)
150 x 120 cm
edition 5 + 2 a.p

Ea Vasko »

Defining Darkness

Exhibition: 27 Jun – 26 Jul 2009

G/P gallery

1-18-4 Ebisu Shibuya-ku
150-0013 Tôkyô

G/P Gallery Tokyo

1-18-4 Ebisu Shibuya-ku
150-0013 Tokyo



Mon-Sat 12-20

Defining Darkness
City / Disorder VIII, 2008
Digital c-print, Lambda
160 x 200 cm Edition of 5
100 x 120 cm Edition of 3

G/P gallery is proud to presents the solo exhibition of Ea Vasko, one of the most representative artists in "Helsinki School" in Finland. Vasko was born in 1980 in Helsinki, Finland. Studied in University of Art and Design Helsinki and lives and works in Helsinki. Known with her abstract photography with her approach to Light using Maketto including her works taken in Tokyo when she was studied in Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan from 2005 -2006. She has been introduced in Gallery Taik and other galleries in Berlin, Sweden and also participated in many publications. Shigeo Goto, the gallery director of G/P gallery is working for the exhibition of Helsinki School "Helsinki School -Internal and External Landscapes" as a Project cooperator which is going to take place on 26th of June in Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo. In the duration of Shiseido, we are honored to introduce another artist from Helsinki School in G/P gallery. The artist will visit the gallery from Helsinki and gallery talk is scheduled in the gallery.