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© Silvia Camporesi

Silvia Camporesi »


Exhibition: 26 May – 22 Jul 2011

Thu 26 May 17:30

Photographica Fine Art

via Cantonale 9
6900 Lugano

+41 91-9239657


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© Silvia Camporesi

Silvia Camporesi

Lugano, Photographica FineArt Gallery
The exhibition opens on Thursday, 26th. May, 2011 at 5.30 pm, and will remain open to the public until 22th. July, at the following times: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Saturday by appointment.

A new exhibition devoted to the work of Silvia Camporesi within the compass of a project specially devised for Photographica FineArt will be inaugurated on 26 May 2011.

Silvia Camporesi's new work draws from both the real and the unreal. After spending February in Venice, she concluded her series of photos in Rimini, "Venice in miniature". She then skillfully blended the real and the unreal to create a project with a series of photographs of the city and its lagoon that explore these places through the filter of imagination, dreams and legends. An unusual vision of Venice takes shape, wherein everything is enveloped in mystery and beauty through pictures imbued with particular attraction and intensity. The result is a fantastic Venice, the "Third Venice", half true, half make-believe.
There are four thematic sections: Nautofoni, Fantasmi, Souvenirs, Quando comincia l’acqua: “Nautofoni “ brings together pictures of the city cloaked in an unreal fog. “Souvenirs” portrays the mementos sold on the stalls in real parts of Venice: In “Quando comincia l’acqua” (When the water begins), Silvia has imagined the city invaded by deep, at times very deep, water that seems to sink buildings and churches into the canals. “Fantasmi” comprises representations of Venetian legends and dreams, pictures in which Venice is the background for surreal happenings.
There will be published, and presented on the occasion of the exhibition, a limited edition of a book comprising both the pictures and the thoughts that accompanied their creation.
Born in Forlì, where she now lives and works, in 1973, Silvia Camporesi is a philosophy graduate who uses the languages of photography and video, often accompanied by self-portrayal, to build tales drawn from a mixture of myth, literature, religions, and reality. Her searchings move along a thin line forming the boundary between imagination and reality, wakefulness and dreaming, in contexts whose subject is always in debate with the natural element and intent on transcending the limits of the body and the mind.
Since 2000, her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. In 2007, she was awarded the Celeste photography prize, while in 2009 and 2010 she was among the finalists for the Talent Prize and the Terna Prize respectively.
In the autumn of 2011, she will participate in a résidence d'artiste at the Chambre Blanche, Quebec.

Photographica FineArt derives from Marco Antonetto's aspiration to show historical and modern photography in a simple, exhaustive manner to those who wish to know more about it and find photos pleasing objets de désir to be admired and collected.

© Silvia Camporesi
© Silvia Camporesi