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Rencontres d'Arles, Discovery Award 2012

Nelli Palomäki »

Rencontres d'Arles, Discovery Award 2012


Group Show: 2 Jul – 23 Sep 2012

Artists presented by Jyrki Parantainen :: ANNI LEPPÄLÄ / JAANA MAIJALA / NELLI PALOMÄKI .. AS TIME CONSUMES US .. Nelli Palomäki’s portraiture photographs represents the genre, where you don’t first expect to find some extremely fresh to look at. In her case this prejudgment turns immediately out wrong. Palomäki is not preying nor chasing people. She goes to their skin and shares her life with them, and that goes both ways. There is not a target and the photographer as we are used to see. The contact between subject and object is so intensive, that you forget there has been a camera and photographer in the situation. The result in image is pure flesh, blood and beauty.