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Anthony Lam » Dinu Li » Ellinda Siu » LIU Xiao Xian » William Yang »

Exhibition: 16 Jan – 22 Feb 2004

Chinese Arts Centre

Market buildings - Thomas street
M4 1EU Manchester

+44 (0)161-8327271


Curated by Dinu Li What significance does 'home' have for people living in a world that is becoming increasingly transitory? Where geographic boundaries are constantly shifting and people forever moving, where cultures and identities are moulded and re-moulded. Home brings together five contemporary artists from Australia, Canada, and UK working in video, photography and projections offering their responses to the meaning of 'home' Headspace reflects Anthony Lam's relationship with intimacy and distance. It is presented as projected images documenting Lam's fascination with chance encounters in Hong Kong's urban environment. Transformer is an observation of three male characters as they live out their private lives. A video piece by Dinu Li, it reveals the intimate moments of the characters, shifting the role of the audience uncomfortably from outsider to voyeur. Ellinda Siu's Room Tones focuses on the sounds around us which are so familiar that we no longer hear them. Background sounds such as a humming fridge or a dripping tap create a sense of tension as we are drawn into a darkened space. Liu Xiao Xian's large-scale digital image presents a Utopian fantasy. His work reveals two distinctly different places; a motherland and the new homeland, brought together in one location and time. My Family in North Queensland charts William Yang's journey of self-atonement as he tries to reconnect with his own ancestry. Yang's refusal to acknowledge his heritage in his early life is matched today by his seemingly obsessive cataloguing of past family ties. Home has been curated by Dinu Li, in partnership with Chinese Arts Centre. The Touring Programme is supported by Arts Council England. For further information contact Alyson Doocey Tel: 0161 8327271