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Exhibitions at FORUM BOX - Space for Art

FORUM BOX - Space for ArtFI

FORUM BOX - Space for Art
Ruoholahdenranta 1-3
00180 Helsinki

+35-050 5241 781


Tue-Fri 11-17 . Sat, Sun 12-16



30 Sep – 23 Oct 2016
The duo show Shared by Nelli Palomäki and Juhana Moisander explores siblinghood through video installations and photographs. How do a lastborn, a little brother or a big sister present themselves when being portrayed? How to balance when you are in someone's shadow? How will everything in common be shared in the end?

Shared shows the physical closeness between siblings and simultaneously it underlines the uncomfortable of being so close to someone. It compares, competes, envies and ev… more