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Exhibitions at Galeria Presença

Galeria PresençaPT

Galeria Presença
Rua Miguel Bombarda 570
4050 - 379 Porto



Tue-Fri 10-12:30 + 15-19; Sat 15-19

Inês d'Orey

Do Not Sit Down

Do Not Sit Down

10 Nov 2018 – 12 Jan 2019

Tokyo is a gigantic creature that sheds its skin as it stretches and grows. Most buildings in the city are
demolished as soon as they are outdated or no longer needed, and new buildings spring up in their
place, at a very fast pace. The residents of this mega metropolis believe that any house over 30 years is
obsolete. The creature doesn’t only shed its skin. It changes its flesh. And also its bones.

Inês d'Orey's work in the last years has been dealing mainly with the … more