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Exhibitions at Pennings Foundation

Pennings FoundationNL

We love photography!

an eclectic collection of photography from the 70s until now

16 Nov – 16 Dec 2017

Pennings FoundationNL

Ilse Schrama

Biblical Inspirations

Biblical Inspirations

2 Apr – 14 May 2016

With a fresh look Ilse Schrama (*1964) gives an interpretation of stories about the Garden of Eden and biblical figures like Jesus, Maria, Maria Magdalena and Job. With the series "Biblical Inspiration"s she portrays in an original and innovative way themes like sin and the Immaculate Conception.

Over the Fall, she says: "In the garden of Eden harmony prevails, but at the same time there is an invisible tension, because sin is concealed in every being. This is inherent in the … more