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Exhibitions at Museum Boppard

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Museum Boppard
Burgplatz 2
56154 Boppard am Rhein

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Tue-Fri 10-17, Sat+Sun 11-18

Thomas Wunsch

From Darkness Into Silence

From Darkness Into Silence

2 May 2020

2 Feb – 3 May 2020

The photographs of Thomas Wunsch depict many different subjects and by making those subjects abstract - beyond recognition - he confers them a special aesthetic value. It is in these pictures that we encounter a kafkaesque symbolism and a very different kind of emotion. Objects lose their outline and seem to disappear. It is the in-between spaces that Thomas Wunsch wants to fill in. Looking at these photographs we can also get a sense of time and space, of movement and security - or a lack of… more