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Exhibitions at Sabrina Amrani Gallery

Sabrina Amrani GalleryES

Sabrina Amrani Gallery
Calle Madera 23
28004 Madrid

+34 627-539 884


Tue-Fri 11-19, Sat 11-14:30

Mohau Modisakeng



13 Sep – 22 Dec 2018
One of the oldest extant works of literature, the Bible, narrates the interaction between Cain and his brother Abel and establishes an unpromising precedent for future kinship relations. Since that first murder, the first documented lie, and the sarcastic profession of ignorance which followed, violence and cruelty have frequently gone hand in hand with notions of kinship.
The first words uttered by the protagonist of perhaps the world’s most celebrated play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, exposes… more