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<a href=Photosynkiria 2004" title="Photosynkiria 2004" />
Wendy McMurdo (GB) 1996

Photosynkiria 2004

Nikos Alexopoulos » Deborah Baker » Stelios Efstathopoulos » Dimitris Harissiadis » Kai-Olaf Hesse » Christos Kalos » Yannis Kontos » Yiogos Makkas » Wendy McMurdo » Paul Seawright » Anna Tzini » Yiorgos Vafiadakis » Lim Young Kyun » Takis Zerdevas » & others

Exhibition: – 18 Mar 2004

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

3, Navarchou Votsi str.
54624 Thessaloniki

+30 2310-566716


Tue-Sun 11-19

<a href=Photosynkiria 2004" title="Photosynkiria 2004" />
Christos Kalos (GR) . Metallic city

Public opinion usually treats the photographic image as the static recording of situations, as opposed to the moving cinematographic image, which is considered to be the sole medium that has the ability to narrate. The truth is, each photograph reveals traces of narration from within, as many as are needed in order to interpret the choice and merging of the elements of which it is composed. However, from its very first steps, the photograph could also satisfy the broader definition of narration which, according to Emmanuel Kriaras, is the narration of an event with a somewhat extensive report. A great number of techniques served and continue to serve the desire of photographers to narrate, whether it concerns the description of an actual event or pure invention. Every form of photographic narration, from the linear depiction of images to stage directing, is the theme of Photosynkyria 2004 titled INVENTIONS AND ACCOUNTS, the artistic manager of which is John Stathatos. The two large group exhibitions and the solo exhibitions include works of classic Greek and foreign photographers, renowned personages in the field of contemporary art, as well as talented upcoming creators. Exhibitions 01 Christos Kalos (GR) ESP Gallery / Navmachias Ellis 3-5, Ladadika 02 Yiannis Kontos (GR)   IANOS Bookstore -Gallery / Aristotelous 7 03 Nikos Alexopoulos (GR) Nikis Triantapente Cafe - Bar / Leoforos Nikis 35 04 Anna Tzini (GR) De Facto Cafe - Bar / Pavlou Mela 19 05 Yiorgos Vafiadakis (GR) E.L.I.A. Thessaloniki / Theofilou 13, Ano Poli 06 "Prestige" GROUP EXHIBITION (GR) Y.M.C.A Exhibition Gallery / Y.M.C.A. Square, Thessaloniki 07 Stratos Kalafatis (GR) French Institute Gallery A / Leoforos Stratou 2a 08 Trissevgeni Archonta (GR) French Institute Gallery B / Leoforos Stratou 2a 09 Young Roma Photographers 2003-2004 GROUP EXHIBITION (GR) Alatza Imaret / Kassandrou 91-93 10 Paul Seawright (GB) Bey Hamam / Egnatia - Aristotelous Square 11 Patrick Ward (GB) Zita-Mi Gallery / Proxenou Koromila 1 12 Dick Blau (USA) Paratiritis Bookstore - Gallery / Paleon Patron Germanou 25 13 Takis Zerdevas (GR) T in T Gallery / Chrisostomou Smyrnis 13 FRIDAY 20 FEBRUARY 14 Stelios Efstathopoulos (GR) AAS Gallery / Ermou 59 15 Dimitris Harissiadis (GR) National Bank Cultural Foundation / Vassilisis. Olgas 108 16 Young Kyun Lim (KOPEA ) National Bank Cultural Foundation / Vassilisis. Olgas 108 17 Deborah Baker (GB) National Bank Cultural Foundation / Vassilisis. Olgas 108 18 Kai-Olaf Hesse (D) Goethe Institute / Vassilisis. Olgas 66 19 Coincidences and Constructs: Interpretation of the everyday GROUP EXHIBITION (GR) Yeni Tzami / Arhaiologikou Mousiou 30 20 Giuseppe Tornatore (IT) Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art / Helexpo Internat. Fair 21 Wendy McMurdo (GB) Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art / Helexpo Internat. Fair 22 Ways of Telling: Photography and Narrative GROUP EXHIBITION Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

<a href=Photosynkiria 2004" title="Photosynkiria 2004" />
Lim Young Kyun (ROK)
<a href=Photosynkiria 2004" title="Photosynkiria 2004" />
Yiogos Makkas (GR)