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Izumi Miyazaki »

Cute & Cruel

Exhibition: 30 Jun – 30 Jul 2016

Thu 30 Jun 18:00 - 21:00


22, rue Louvigny
1946 Luxembourg

+352 -26 20 38 92


Wed-Fri 14:30-18:30, Sat 10:30-12:30+14-17

Cute & Cruel
© Izumi Miyazaki

Izumi Miyazaki
"Cute & Cruel"

Exhibition: 30 June - 30 July, 2016
Opening: Thursday, 30 June 2016

Izumi Miyazaki is a young Japanese photographer who captivates her fans on the web by her self-portraits that seem to come out of another world. Story of a phenomenon.

Japan is a country full of paradoxes, that does not stop surprising by its traditions and by its hybrid culture that ranges from "Kawai" to excess. It is fascinating to observe its ability to get out of the most dramatic events as two atomic bombs, a major economic and identity crisis, repeated earthquakes and tsunamis with the irreversible damage we know.

When you are in your twenties in Japan, it is unlike anything comparable. When your name is Izumi Miyazaki, even the people of Tokyo are faced with a kind of alien. 

Cute & Cruel
© Izumi Miyazaki

Close encounter of the third kind. A classic bob haircut, fine black hair, a dark look into the eyes of a doll face whose emotions have been erased. Immersed in the Surrealist masters like René Magritte, Izumi Miyazaki, coming from prestigious Musashino Art University in Tokyo, confesses a passion for Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. Her self-portraits practice cold humor and often feature absurd performances. The young photographer is not afraid to slice her head, adorning it with fresh tomatoes or fish in a human interpretation of sushi. If she never smiles in her photographs, it is probably to express her loneliness and maybe the difficulty of a connected youth to live in a real world. Izumi enjoys creating poetic and moving sceneries. Her work surprises and fascinates, playing the codes of life 2.0. Addiction is close, Izumi Miyazaki, both cute and cruel… 

Cute & Cruel
© Izumi Miyazaki