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Polish Photography
Wiktor Franko

Polish Photography

a special 30-day section curated by Anna Gondek-Grodkiewicz

Weronika Ławniczak » Anita Andrzejewska » Wiktor Franko » Marcin Giba » Weronika Izdebska » Piotr Komorowski » Bart Krezolek » Arkadiusz Kubisiak » Adam Markowski » Katarzyna Niwińska » Mikolaj Nowacki » Roland Okon » Adam Pańczuk » Tomasz Padlo » Agnieszka Rayss » Tomek Sikora » Lukasz Sokol » Tomasz Tomaszewski » Tomek Tomkowiak » Katarzyna Widmanska » Wojtek Wieteska » Tomasz Wysocki » & others

Presentation: 7 Jan – 7 Feb 2019


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Polish Photography
Tomek Sikora

The history of Polish photography has been influenced if not shaped by political conditions in the country. In the second half of the 20th century, the challenge to all artists came from the totalitarian political regime imposed by the Communists from 1945 until 1989.

Despite these conditions, Poland has a long and illustrious history of creative fine art photography. But unlike its better-known regional neighbors (Germany, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia), the works of Polish photographers have been less accessible and less known outside the country’s borders.

Polish Photography
Adam Panczuk

YourDailyPhotograph.com presents a special 30-day section of contemporary Polish photography, starting January 7, 2019. You will discover some terrific works to collect.

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Polish Photography
Anita Andrzejewska
Polish Photography
Siamese I, 2011, © Wiktor Franko
Polish Photography
Woman In A Hat 2013 ©Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Polish Photography
End Of Cities 2013 © Agnieszka Rayss
Polish Photography
From "a Stone's Throw" Series 2008 © Tomasz Tomaszewski