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Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam

Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam

Albarrán Cabrera » Israel Ariño » Roger Ballen » Hans Bol » Ernst Coppejans » Sante D'Orazio » Katrien De Blauwer » Lotte Ekkel » Victoire Eouzan » Casper Faassen » Pieter Henket » Joep Hijwegen » Jeroen Hofman » Laura Hospes » David Hummelen » Barry Kornbluh » Jung-Jin Lee » Arthur Leipzig » Bas Meeuws » Ray K. Metzker » Joel Meyerowitz » Yoshinori Mizutani » Kumi Oguro » Eiji Ohashi » Kevin Osepa » Satijn Panyigay » Sara Punt » Denis Rouvre » Schilte & Portielje » Jitske Schols » Margriet Smulders » Alexander Sporre » Rutger ten Broeke » Benjamin Thomas » Justine Tjallinks » Jeroen Toirkens » Carla van de Puttelaar » Eric van den Elsen » Danielle van Zadelhoff » Lorenzo Vitturi » Albert Watson » Patrick Willocq » Bastiaan Woudt » Ana Zibelnik » & others

Fair: 6 Feb – 9 Feb 2020

Wed 5 Feb 19:00

LP2 in Las Palmas

Wilhelminakade 326
3072 AR Rotterdam

Haute Photographie Fair

LP2 in Las Palmas

+31 20-846 0770


Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam

Haute Photographie Returns With Six New Talents

Haute Photographie – the boutique photography fair – returns to Rotterdam for the fifth time. The fair is centred around a group exhibition including works ranging from the masters of photography to the youngest and most exciting talents working with the medium today.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the fair is the Haute Talent Programme, which aims to support, coach and present a strong selection of recently graduated photography talents. Unique in this approach, Haute Photographie has been guiding the best graduates towards their first commercial appearance.

Haute Photographie takes place during Art Rotterdam Week from 6 to 9 February – the most important art event of the Netherlands to discover new and young art.

Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© Ana Zibelnik

Ana Zibelnik (b. 1995, SI)
Ana Zibelnik’s ongoing series ‘We Are The Ones Turning’ is a reflection on something we all grapple with: dying. Ana Zibelnik graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and she currently studies Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University.

David Hummelen (b. 1986, NL)
David Hummelen investigates colour and what colour can do when you visualise it in different ways. He graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht in 2008 and Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015. Since his graduation, he has been working as a freelance designer.

Joep Hijwegen (b. 1994, NL)
Joep Hijwegen is a self-taught photographer who was born in a rural area and moved to the city five years ago to study philosophy. He started his practice as a photographer as recently as two years ago, born out of a position of anxiety and fear of loss.

Lotte Ekkel (b. 1988, NL)
Lotte Ekkel finds beauty in everyday life: in details, she comes across on the street, in loved ones and in people she has just met. Her body of work reads like a mixture of diaristic and purely documentary photography.

Sara Punt (b. 1994, NL)
Sara Punt uses photography to display an ongoing documentation surrounding the human essence, body and expression. By developing close relationships with her subjects, she creates an environment where there is room for organic vulnerability. She believes nudity should not be innately sexualised.

Victoire Eouzan (b. 1992, FR)
Victoire Eouzan uses photography to question the role of images. In her graduation project, ‘When the Mountain Took the Place of my Father,’ she praises her father through the personification of mountains, of which she makes “portraits”. Eouzan graduated from Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2019.

Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© David Hummelen
Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© Joep Hijwegen
Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© Lotte Ekkel
Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© Sara Punt
Haute Photographie 2020 Rotterdam
© Victoire Eouzan