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Jungjung Mujin 重重無盡
© Hyung-Geun PARK

Hyung-Geun Park »

Jungjung Mujin 重重無盡

Exhibition: – 5 Jun 2022

MOPS - The Museum of Photography Seoul

14, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu
138-724 Seoul



Mon-Fri 10-19, Thu, 10-21, Sat 11-18:30, Sun closed

Hyung-Geun PARK visualizes what lies beyond the visible world with dream-like and surreal images using intuitive designs and image constructions. Climate crisis and the pandemic that has recently swept over the human race exposed those microscopic beings that were disregarded because they were invisible to the human eyes, and have urged us to repent of the human centered worldview that caused all of it. In this exhibition, the artist describes his ecological and microscopical concerns and thoughts on co-existence and harmony. The exhibition’s title 《Jungjung Mujin》 refers to a world where all matters of universe become each other’s cause within the infinite time and space, to transcend beyond the conflict and converge into one. A deep blue river dotted with white pieces of ice, the cave glittering in many colors, and the comet-like grand landscape peeping through them materialize the true identity of nature composed of microscopic beings and at the same time ironically reminds us of how the human beings standing in front of nature can only be microscopic.