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Mirror of Self
Pink Mattress, From the series The Tourist, 2019-2020
© Kourtney Roy, courtesy Project 2.0/Gallery, The Hague

Mirror of Self

PhotoBrussels Festival 07

Romy Berger » Elina Brotherus » Gabriel Dia » Omar Victor Diop » Julia Gat » Laura Hospes » Barbara Iweins » Yunsoon Jeong » Mari Katayama » Auriane Kolodziej » Tarrah Krajnak » Sanja Marušić » Bruno Oliveira » Paola Paredes » Annegret Soltau » Karolina Wojtas » Dawn Woolley »

Exhibition: 27 Jan – 25 Mar 2023

Thu 26 Jan 17:00 - 21:00

Hangar H18

Place du Châtelain, 18
1050 Brussels

32 (0)2 -538 00 85


Tues-Sat 12-18

After 'In the Shadow of trees' in 2021, 'Mirror of self' is the 7th thematic exhibition created by Hangar within the framework of PhotoBrussels Festival.

The exhibition consists of both selected artists (17 of them) and winners of a call for projects (6 of them).

23 artists are exhibited at Hangar on the theme of self-portrait. Among them, 8 are under 30 years old.

What is the current standing of the self-portrait in the world of contemporary photography? In the realm of selfies, what does the artistic practice of self-portrait still hold? Through various projects and artistic approaches, ‘Mirror of Self’ questions the representation of the self, whether in a quest for identity, a relationship with one's environment, with others or with oneself.