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It's all just stories
© Shahryar Nashat.

Shahryar Nashat »

It's all just stories

Exhibition: 13 May – 2 Jul 2023

Sat 13 May 16:00 - 19:00

The Renaissance Society

5811 S. Ellis Avenue
IL 60637 Chicago



Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 12-18; Fri 13-19

It's all just stories
© Shahryar Nashat.

We met for lunch to continue our conversation, soon noticing the celebrity, incognito, taking a meeting nearby, and such serendipity prompted a reaction: Use this strange presence as a device to work through the current moment in relation to how bodies, whether living currency or undead, circulate, distort, unalive, and, yet, love.
— Bruce Hainley