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Relaunch of Dislocation - exhibition and publication

Relaunch of Dislocation - exhibition and publication

Mauricio Alejo » anothermountainman » Ximena Berecochea » Sian Bonnell » Michel Campeau » Bertrand Carrière » Serge Clément » Jeffrey du Vallier d'Aragon Aranita » David Hlynsky » Hiromi Hoshino » Lee Kasing » Anthony Lam » Patrick Lee » Jennifer Long » David Miller » Ayao Nakamura » Asako Narahashi » Michelle Sank » P. Elaine Sharpe » CHEN Shun-chu » Diana Thorneycroft » CANG Xin » GU Xiong » CUI Xiuwen » Balint Zsako »

Exhibition: 26 Jun – 10 Jul 2004

Relaunch of Dislocation - exhibition and publication Dislocation was started in 1992 as a monthly publication; a contemporary photography journal. It is rooted in post-colonial Hong Kong. The magazine is dormant since 1999. In 2004, the five editors of Dislocation (Lee Ka-sing, Patrick Lee, Lau Ching Ping, Holly Lee and Blues Wong Kai Yu) met and decided to re-launch the magazine. Two more members were invited to join the committee: Janet Fong and P. Elaine Sharpe. The new Dislocation will be published as a quarterly e-zine that publishes photography without borders. It will be edited in Hong Kong and Toronto. The mandate is to publish creative photo-based work and is inclusive of photographers working anywhere in the world. The re-launch issue will adopt the theme of "dislocation". About 100 photographers are invited to submit a work that reflects this theme. The premier issue will kickstart in late June, 2004, and will be celebrated with physical exhibitions in a number of locations beginning at the Fringe Club in Hong Kong. Participants Almond CHU / Anna SCHORI / Anthony LAM / Asako NARAHASHI / Ayao NAKAMURA / Balint ZSAKO / Bertrand CARRIERE / Bob BLACK / Bobby SHAM / CANG Xin / CHAN Wai Man / Chantal GERVAIS / CHEN Shun-Chu / CUI Xiuwen / David CLARKE / David DONALD / David HLYNSKY / David MILLER / Diana THORNEYCROFT / Dominique HARRIS / Ducky TSE / Dustin SHUM / Edwin KWAN / Evangelo COSTADIMAS / EVERGON / GU Xiong / HAN Xu / Hiromi HOSHINO / Hisun WONG / Ho TAM / Holly LEE / Hong-chun PARK / Ireneusz ZJEZDZALKA / Jack BURMAN / Janet FONG / Jeffrey du Vallier d'Aragon ARANITA / Jennifer LONG / John TRAN / Jon BATURIN / Joseph FUNG / Josiah LEUNG / Justyna BADACH / Kevin GRIFFIN / LAU Ching Ping / Laura BARRON / LEE Ka-sing / LEE Sung Hee / LEUNG Chi Wo / Madeleine Marie SLAVICK / Mariana GRUENER / Marilyn WESTLAKE / Martin CHEUNG / Mary P PADUA / Mauricio ALEJO / Michel CAMPEAU / Michelle SANK / Norman Jackson FORD / P. Elaine SHARPE / Patrick LEE / Ringo TANG / Sara ANGELUCCI / Serge CLEMENT / Sian BONNELL / SO Hing Keung / Stanley WONG / Stephen CHEUNG / Stephen VAUGHAN / Steve PAYNE / Suzy LAKE / Thomas KELLNER / Toni HAFKENSCHEID / TSANG Tak Ping / WONG Chi Fai / WONG Kai Yu, Blues / Ximena BERECOCHEA / YAO Jui-chung / Yvonne LO More information please contact: dislocation@oceanpounds.com www.oceanpounds.com/dislocation Distributed and online download at: www.lightreadings.com DISLOCATION OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://oceanpounds.com/dislocation DISLOCATION e-zine published quarterly by Ocean & Pounds Edited by NuNaHeDuo Organization of Contemporary Photography. Committee members - Janet FONG, LAU Ching-ping, Holly LEE, LEE Ka-sing, Patrick LEE, P. Elaine SHARPE, WONG Kai-yu, Blues