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Satellites Exhibitions
Caroline Mauxion - Appareillage (compense) Vue d’exposition, galerie Zalucky Contemporary - Crédit photo : Em Moor.

Satellites Exhibitions

Biennale de l'Image Tangible #3 - BIT20 Paris

Cedric Arnold » Édouard Burgeat » Caroline Mauxion » Lara Tabet » & others

Festival: 1 Nov – 16 Dec 2023



+33 01-


Tue-Sun 13-20

Satellites Exhibitions
Cedric Arnold
Apopheniac II / Inadvertent Icon
Edition : 6 – 120x150cm

Nine satellite exhibitions take place in the Biennale's partner venues and galleries, located in the East and the Center of Paris. The 40 artists exhibited were selected by a Jury of professionals from the world of art, image and photography, following a call for projects.

Cedric Arnold / Edouard Burgeat / Guangli Liu / Kasia Ozga / Lara Tabet