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Ingar Krauss
Pastorale, Zechin 2018

Ingar Krauss »


EXPOSED. Torino Foto Festival

Exhibition: 3 May – 20 Jul 2024

Quartz Studio

via Giulia di Barolo, 18/d
10124 Torino

+39 338-4290085



Ingar Krauss
Pastorale, Zechin 2001

Ingar Krauss

3 May – 20 July, 2024

Part of EXPOSED. Torino Foto Festival
until July 20, 2024 only by appointment

Quartz Studio is pleased to present PASTORALE, the second solo show in Turin by the German photographer Ingar Krauss (East Berlin, 1965).

A pastoral, from the Latin pastor (shepherd), is a motif in the visual arts that depicts the life of the shepherds in an idyllic rural landscape scene, as an ideal of rural simplicity and tranquility, as romantic images of closeness or return to nature. This motif of a "place of longing" for simple life in nature, which corresponds to ideas about the Garden of Eden in religious thought and feeling, reappears in the photographs of Ingar Krauss as a dreamlike inner scenery, personal and self-reflexive, referring to the rural as a metaphor.

Krauss lives in a rather remote region of East Germany, near the river Oder, which separates Germany from Poland – a very secluded rural habitat. The peculiar features of his immediate environment are the source for his images, which were all made in a small radius around his house. They reveal the artist as deeply connected with his surrounding nature, particularly interested in a realism which is magical in a natural way, as an embedding of the wonderful and the uncanny in the everyday. The enigma of how this relationship between reality and miracle can be felt through an image leads into the mystery of the transformative forces that make an image a work of art.

Ingar Krauss
Pastorale, Letschin 2017

Ingar Krauss avoids all digital technology in his work, defending analogue photography as an alchemical process where the creation of a photograph is not calculated by programs but remains controlled by hand, resulting in the image’s "appearance."

Ingar Krauss
Pastorale, Zechin 2000