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African-Irish Artist Residency Award 2024-25
Ishmael Claxton Black Irish, 2021

African-Irish Artist Residency Award 2024-25

Ishmael Claxton » Sabrina Faria » Tolu Ogunware »

Exhibition: 13 Jul – 24 Aug 2024

Thu 18 Jul 18:00


Meeting House Square
D02 X406 Dublin

+353 (0)1-6714654


Tue-Sat 11-17

Photo Museum Ireland is thrilled to invite you to the opening exhibition of the African Irish Artist Residency Award 2024-25. This special exhibition showcases work from our newly selected award recipients: Ishmael Claxton, Sabrina Faria, and Tolu Ogunware.

This exhibition marks the beginning of an exciting opportunity for these artists to develop their artistic practice while visitors have a unique chance to see the early stages of their creative journey at Photo Museum Ireland. Over the next 12 months, these artists will evolve and expand their practices, culminating in the creation of new bodies of work. Be sure to return in 2025 for our New Talents Exhibition, to see how these artists have deepened their artistic approach.

The African-Irish Artist Residency Award is a prestigious initiative established by Photo Museum Ireland to support and amplify the voices of African-Irish artists and those with African heritage living in Ireland. This award seeks to foster creativity, artistic exchange, and professional growth by providing artists with the resources and opportunities needed to advance their artistic practices. Designed to highlight and showcase these artists’ unique perspectives, this award provides a platform to present and develop their work. We believe that great photography is for everyone, and we are committed to supporting the creative potential within the African-Irish community.