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Climbing Wall courtesy of M63 Artist Commune and the artist

CHEN Xiaowen »


Exhibition: 2 Jul – 21 Jul 2005

Museum 63 / Artist Commune

63 Ma Tau Kok Road, KLN
Hong Kong



Tue-Sun 14-20

Snapshot courtesy of M63 Artist Commune and the artist

The artist, Chen Xiao Wen said, "When I read I wonder if I see what I read, hear what I see, imagine what I hear, and then project on to the pages of the book what I am imaging. My recent works, the video projection "Climbing Wall", and one channel video "Mirage in the Land of Love" and "Snap Shot" not only contain images of what I have seen, or experienced, but also, of what I dreamed I had seen or perhaps what I believed I had seen. They are mirrors that reflect one's own fascination and longing. They reveal our voice and history. "Mirage in the Land of Love" is based on performance my wife and I made during our cross-country trip through America. It makes fun of Hollywood love story movies while being serious about "our" dreaming for a moment that would never come. "Climbing Wall" is based on my childhood fascination. And, it is a part of collaboration with Song Dong, a Chinese video/performance/ installation artist.' Xiaowen Chen was born in Dalian China. After high school, he spent two and half years in the Inner Mongolian desert before he went to Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts where he studied printmaking, drawing and painting. He moved to the United States in 1987, and received his MFA from Illinois State University. Since 1996, he has taught Print Media at Alfred University, and He is currently an associate professor of digital media art at Department of Art at Cornell University. He works with many mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital processing, as well as video installation. His works have been featured in many university galleries and museums including the China National Museum of Art in Beijing, Indiana Museum of Art and Science in Evanston, Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, Herbert F.Johnson Museum of Art in Ithaca, Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in Santa Barbara.

Mirage of the Land of Love courtesy of M63 Artist Commune and the artist