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Touch & Diagnose
Cheng Yong

CHENG Yong »

Touch & Diagnose

Exhibition: 7 Mar – 3 Apr 2007

Imagine Gallery

100103 Beijing



About Cheng Yong's work: Meanings out of Dots By Shen Jingdong There is no doubt that this is an era of reading pictures. People's dependence on pictures presents the cultural features of fast food, which predicts the coming of the era of public culture. There is no doubt that this is an era of picture deluge. People are surrounded with many large boards of advertisements on many buildings. Various exquisite vogue magazines, pictorials with stars and beauty heads are coming into our life every day, which not only beautifies the life but also pollutes the sense of vision. Digital cameras, Photoshop, 3 DMAX simplify all means, from photographs to cartoons, DV, TV plays, from static to dynamic, to make either classic masterpieces or modern life very clear. Times, as a roller coaster accelerated suddenly, carry us turning up and down. Compared to the rapid development of science and technology, the development of art has been also the same. In the past century, art history has become colorful and wonderful as a kaleidoscope. It is not easy for a strict artist to keep a sober brain. After many years of exploration and research, Chen Yong gave up all technological means in his artworks this year while he again presented dots—Braille which the blind can not see and the normal can not understand in the field of painting by means of simple abstract forms and pure rational minds. His works were entitled with Obstacle. The picture deluge exists because of its momentary understanding of readability, but Chen Yong's artworks suppose a kind of non-readability in advance. Obviously, those Braille dots have meanings, but we cannot understand. There is some regret just like two deaf people sitting and facing each other, like a foreigner knowing no Chinese meeting with a Chinese knowing no foreign languages without a interpreter, like hoping to get to the other bank with a broken bridge and a sinking boat. Chen Yong entitled these paintings with Love Letters, Sweetness, Tangling Love, True Voice. Perhaps, this is what Chen Yong's philosophy is. We can realize that, behind the obstacle made by Chen Yong for us, he wants to express a kind of communication between two people, just as to express an uneasy truth on reading Braille, misreading eastern and western cultures, contradictions of races, religious beliefs, etc. Anyhow, what I see more is a kind of pleasure and state because the obstacle hampers us from judging the meanings of the paintings, we only face the pictures themselves and we can find the tidy colorful dots good looking. What's more, the importance lies in the dots melting many individual seconds spent by the artist. Therefore, the artist's behavior process itself is a kind of improvement and experience. I like this state almost like "Buddhist" in Buddhism very much. As a matter of fact, nothing needs to be explained to it now. A dot is originally meaningless, so is time. But it is this meaninglessness that forms its meanings.