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One + One
Stefan Roloff, Videostill von Life in the Death Zone, 1982 - 2006

Stefan Roloff »

One + One

Exhibition: – 19 Apr 2008


Spinnereistr. 7, Halle 10
04179 Leipzig



Tue-Sat 12-18

One + One
Stefan Roloff, Videostill von Life in the Death Zone, 1982 - 2006

Videospace: Stefan Roloff. One + One Stefan Roloff's One + One is an interactive installation consisting of interior componments (chairs, lamps, tables etc.) of a typical GDR (German Democratic Republic) home á la the 1970`s. On the walls projected are films made in 1982 by Roloff himself of military men at the border (the wall), doing their job. These are from the film series "Life in the Death Zone", where the interest in the fact that someone - anyone - would be able to do their job in the no-mans-land that was the zone between the two contries is delved upon. "I wanted to increase the city's observation by creating a mirror image. " (Roloff, 2006). -Also installed is one of his light box-mounted photographs from the series Vopos in the East and Fopost in the west. Documenting a performance and installation he did in 1981. in which Roloff constructed a small scale replica of a watchtower at a West Berlin check point (Bernauer Strasse). In this body of works one sees Roloff`s interest in the possibility and option of border-crossing. The installation makes it possible to go through imaginary passageways as well as the influence the passing of time has on our memory and view on how to deal with borders and their aesthetics. Stefan Roloff have exhibited in institutions such as The Bronx Museum, Walker Art Center and the Brooklyn Museum. He had solo shows in Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Tread Waxing Space and the Centre Pompidou, among other places. He received numerous grants and awards. Roloff Lives and works in New York.