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Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations
Day for Night (still), 2009.
Courtesy Marian Goodmam Gallery, París / Nueva York, Frith Street Gallery, Londres and Fundación Nicola Trussardi, Milán.
© Tacita Dean

Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations


Ignasi Aballí » Daniel Blaufuks » Iñaki Bonillas » David Claerbout » Tacita Dean » Ceal Floyer » Joachim Koester » Jochen Lempert » Mabel Palacín » Paul Pfeiffer » Steven Pippin » Michael Snow » Clare Strand » Hiroshi Sugimoto » Jeff Wall » Michael Wesely » Erwin Wurm »

Exhibition: 9 Jun – 25 Jul 2010

Teatro Fernán Gómez - Centro de Arte

Plaza de Colón 4
28001 Madrid

Fernán Gómez/ Fundación Banco Santander

Plaza de Colón, 4
28001 Madrid

+34 91-4800300


Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Autocine 101, Ventura, 1993. Courtesy Gallery Koyanagi. © Hiroshi Sugimoto

Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations, the coproduction by Banco Santander Foundation, Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro, Centro de Arte La Regenta / Canary Islands Goverment and PHotoEspaña / La Fábrica The exhibition joins over 200 works including photographs, video installations and films which, based on different viewpoints and methods, explore the experience of time. The 17 artists forming part of the exhibition, which contains all recent work completed since 1995, include some of the major international figures of modern art from the past two decades, such as Jeff Wall and Hiroshi Sugimoto, as well as Spanish artists such as Ignasi Aballí and Mabel Palacín.The exhibition will take place at Fernán Gómez Theather. Art Center - Banco Santander Foundation. The whole exhibition, in its size and diversity, aims to create a window of visual practices representing time: the paradox between immobility and mobility, works based on sequences or images with a strong narrative thread, works focused on the experience of the memory which recreate events of the past or images which explore the duration and accumulation of time. The starting point for the exhibition is reflection on photography as a common element and tool for different visual art genres and practices, and the confirmation that of one of the most distinctive themes in modern photography is precisely its special relationship with the concept of time.

Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations
Secuencias temporales (Temporal Sequences), 2010. © Ignasi Aballí.
Between Times. Instants, intervals, durations
Michael Wesely, Potsdamer Platz, Berlín, 1997-1998. Courtesy of the artist. © Michael Wesely