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Digital? Analogue!
Rineke Dijkstra, Peter Svenson, 2010

Digital? Analogue!

the character and work of master printer Peter Svenson of Aap-Lab

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Exhibition: 27 Nov 2010 – 27 Feb 2011

Huis Marseille

Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam

+31 (0)20-5318989


Tue-Sun 11-18

Digital? Analogue!
Vincent Zedelius, AAP-lab, 2010

Huis Marseille pays tribute to analog photography by dedicating an exhibition to the character and work of master printer Peter Svenson of Aap-Lab. For more than thirty years, Svenson has been a mainstay to famous photographers as well as some who have just begun their careers. In his hands their photographs become more than nice pictures: they become works of art. Over the past ten years, most amateurs and professional photographers have given up the roll of film and switched to megapixels. Nevertheless, a remarkable international development is on the rise, as many photographers, who carry out their professional work digitally, have chosen to do more personal work on film due to the craft and the unexpected aspects that it involves. Although the computer offers unlimited possibilities for the perfection of a photograph, many photographers prefer instead to seek the limits of the medium. Within that process Peter Svenson can be a crucial link. He interprets the image in his own way, and the resulting dialogue with the photographer almost always leads to an authentic, transparent and complex image. Auction In mid February 2011 the prints from the exhibition will be auctioned off for the benefit of Aap-Lab. Keep an eye on our website for the dates and additional information.

Digital? Analogue!
Liza May Post, Attempt I, 1996, Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam
Digital? Analogue!
Paulien Oltheten, Drie jongens tussen twee lijnen, 2005
Digital? Analogue!
Dana Lixenberg, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), 2001