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Exhibitions at Centre d'art Dominique Lang

Centre d'art Dominique LangLU

Centre d'art Dominique Lang
gare Dudelange
3505 Dudelange



Tue-Sun 15-19

Rozafa Elshan

Synthèse d’une excursion

Synthèse d’une excursion

24 Apr – 13 Jun 2021
À toi beaucoup t, (0000.....) 5fois infiniment fois n était exeloús.
You unworked your demonstration, contained in a box and you rubbed it against the skin of this place of passage, to disorient (yourself), to measure space, a duration (with the precision of a seismograph), you attempted a more attentive form of the everyday. – This everyday exeloús, of our times.

To demonstrate, you said, by trying a whole bunch of things: the photographic trace, inf… more