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Young and established, experimental and traditional, new discoveries and masters of the photographic medium: For three years we have been building our programme successfully around these important pillars of photographic based art. On the one hand, we represent old masters of photography, who set the path for the wide acceptance of photography as an independent art form. On the other, we represent contemporary artists, who are treading on new artistic ground, working in dialogue to the past and a wider contemporary art practice. To create balance and a dialogue within the broad spectrum of photography, is one of the tasks the gallery has set itself. To this end, we show the wide array of different areas of photography. However, important is the critical questioning of traditional, as well as contemporary categories of art and photography within this. From the centre it is possible to go into different directions and the name of the gallery, the middle f/stop 5.6, is also directed at the many possibilities within photography. It is important to present only works that have the highest print quality and conservational standards, as well as an intellectual quality, but without losing the emotional aspect of an image. The images should touch the viewer both intellectually and physically. Next to an ongoing exhibition-cycle, we are also creating a stock of prints available for view. If you are looking for a specific image or are putting together a collection, we are more than happy to aid you as best we can. As we are a young gallery, it is particularly important to us to consult first time buyers, as well as experienced collectors and offer fair, affordable prices.